At the dawn of each new weekend, Joe and I have begun a recent (and hopefully lasting) ritual of getting on our knees before the Lord, and praying for His blessing. This tradition sprung forth from the realization that our weekends generally begin with much excitement and expectation, but can also end with a sort of “let down.” Sometimes, our expectation (lets be honest, MY expectation) for a weekend of “care-free fun” and “thrillingly flawless family time,” can be set slightly unrealistic– and unattainable. So we pray.

Today, Eva opened in prayer like this:

“Dear Lord,

Thank You that we get to go to Spokane, and that Isaac gets to come with us. And thank You that Mrs. Kimball gets to… OH, Mrs. Kimball is already in Spokane! And thank you that we get to praise You. And thank You that You get to give us delicious food to eat, and beautiful flowers to smell!


It was a simple, thankful, precious prayer.

Joe and I are floored sometimes, by the beauty of these children. Today, we are once again, astounded by the beauty of our Eva. We see the Holy Spirit working in her and producing glorious fruit. I am captivated by her, as I listen to the earnest excitement in her voice. I see the bright sparkle of life in her eyes, and the joy that covers her lovely smiling lips.

We are so thankful for our Eva girl!

Mother's Day gift

Mother’s Day gift