Oour sweet little Jack Jack.

It’s an unusual day for this little one-year-old man-child.

He is on a rampage today. His scooting has become fast. Quite fast.

So far this morning, he has:
Sweet sweet boy. I love those cheeky buns!

Sweet sweet boy. I love those cheeky buns!

  • Fished through the kitchen garbage and scavenged out some old hairy resurrection rolls. Yum!
  • Unloaded our shelf of Harvard Classics. Twice.
  • Emptied ALL the pencil shavings out of the pencil sharpener, and onto the floor.
  • Gotten into the liquid laundry detergent and spread it on his hands and feet.
  • Unloaded part of the bottom of the dishwasher (I found him before he found the knives).
  • Grabbed those pesky UNwashable Expo markers (we found him posed and ready to color the rug!)
  • And now, he is helping me type this email
WHEW!!!! WHAT A M+OR+N+-IN+G- (Those “p-luses” were courtesy -**/*– of Jack)
Oh man. Ha!
Maybe he needs a little extra attention and TLC.
P.S. Any ideas on how to tame the beast would be gladly accepted and much appreciated!