These kids are growing! Early yesterday morning, the family had just woken up and stumbled lazily down the stairs. Before Joe took off for work, we went around sharing something each of us are thankful for. We have so much to rejoice over!



Eva- 5 years

Eva has this knack for drawing–lovely princesses, fun, colorful animals, and jewel-covered paper crowns. She does a wonderful job of joyfully and eagerly serving her younger siblings– especially baby Jack. What giving heart.



Charles- 4 years

Charles is our little gentleman. On an average morning, you’ll find Charlie cheerfully unloading the girl’s portion of the dishwasher, just to bless his sisters. He’s got about a dozen great jokes, ready to pull out and tell, at any opportune moment. He keeps a sword by his side at all times, in case of emergency (but it can be swapped out for a pistol or flashlight as well).


My head hurts

Liesl- 2 years

Liesl is quick to laugh with this cheerful bubbling-over sort of genuine glee. Her joy is contagious, and her blue eyes sparkle.


Our sweet gum drop

Ellie- 1 year

Ellie sings beautifully and constantly. Her favorite tune is “You are my Sunshine.”


Jack Clifton

Jack- 3 months

Jack is becoming more mobile (now that he’s one!), and keeping us on our toes. He has this magnetic ability to draw us to himself. His cheeks, arms, legs, and tummy call and plead for kisses. And that smile of his? It’s sure to put a big grin on your face.