Oone of the most difficult things to grasp in this battle for the lives of the unborn is that of the hardness of the heart of a sinner. We think that if only we could show the world how barbaric abortion is, then people would repent. If only we could rip down the sanitized doors to the houses of horror, like Planned Parenthood,  and expose them as ghouls and law breakers, then our politicians would come to their senses and stop paying people to kill children. We think, surely this will put a stop to the madness; surely this will end the argument once and for all. But what actually happens when we, the people of these United States, are confronted with the obvious truth about abortion? We do one of two things. We either ignore the issue completely, pretending to be above it, or we furiously cling to ridiculous arguments that are old, hollow, and empty.

The heroic people over at The Center for Medical Progress have done a phenomenal job of yet again exposing the madness of our “legal” abortion mills. They aren’t the first and they certainly won’t be the last. When doctors are clearly seen and heard describing, not “medical procedures” but the careful dismembering and crushing of the smallest of our citizens, our stomachs turn, an indescribable rage builds, and we think to ourselves….surely this is it, who could possibly defend this?

But still we, as a nation, cling to arguments I doubt we even try to believe.

The reality is, everyone knows the “products of conception” are little people. We may openly acknowledge this or we may remain in a state of denial but no one can say “I didn’t know that was a person.”

The reason why we are willing to end the lives of these little ones is due to our love of sin and darkness and our hatred of the light. (John 3:19) We love to fornicate, we love to commit adultery, we love to serve our selves at the expense of others. Our slavery to sex without boundaries is at the very heart of abortion. When we are faced with the consequence of this sin, specifically, when we are faced with growing little children, we simply kill them to cover up our wickedness and then move on.

We call this wickedness many things, liberation, rights, women’s health.

As one author said, “The modern world has seen many revolutions, from the French revolution to the Russian, but the bloodiest of all of them has been the sexual revolution.”

Abortion is not a complex issue. Abortion, or rather the children killed, are simply a casualty of our love of sin, darkness, and death. We love sexual sin and therefore we love abortion. In fact, abortion is so important to us that we have made it a sacrament in our secular religion of self-love. As Dr. Peter Kreeft pointed out, “Abortion is the anti-Christ’s demonic parody of the Eucharist (The Lord’s Supper). That is why it uses the same holy words “this is my body” with the blasphemous opposite meaning.”

However, because we have been made in the image of God, we have no ability not to experience immense guilt while we continue in this dark love. We are pressed down and laden with a guilt so intense, it even robs us of our ability to reason. The apostle Paul refers to this as a guilt (or sorrow/shame) that leads to death. (2 Corinthians 7:10)

Not surprisingly, death-guilt creates a bizarre culture that is brazenly self-righteous and sanctimonious about pretty much everything that, in comparison to the lives of the unborn, simply doesn’t matter (seriously, go browse UpWorthy videos if you can stand it). Things like recycling, the death of Cecil the Lion, gender equality in video games, equal rights for pets, etc. ad nauseam are all worthy of our most hand-wringing concern (guilt) but believing children ought to be protected from being crushed and torn apart somehow means you are at war with women.

Bizarre, I know, but precisely the point. Sin makes no sense and it always causes us to self-destruct into hypocrisy. Doug Wilson’s description of us is painful but spot on.

No nation is more concerned about righteous behavior upstream and downstream from our consumer choices than we are. Did this chicken on my plate have a happy life or a sad life? Did these coffee beans in my cup come from a fair trade network or not? Are these towels in my hotel room going to wreck things for the koala bear if I have them washed every day? Were any animals harmed in the making of this film? What will double cupping at Starbucks do to the rainforest? We are so finical about the impact of our individual choices on the vast web of our chimerical righteousness — but Planned Parenthood could be using these baby parts for lampshades, and we would still have an uphill fight to get them defunded. Why? Because we are nation run by depraved perverts, that’s why.

Our overparticular behavior on such matters is like the captain of a slave ship running the Middle Passage while keeping an appropriate array of recycling bins on deck so that he can do his part for the polar bear.

We are trying to cover up our guilt and shame with something.

We want this guilt gone. We need it gone.

So we throw ourselves into “good works” trying to smother it, forget our burdens, and, most importantly, feel superior to those around us. While the “good works” mentioned above are lame, it is important to note that all “good works”, on their own, noble (saving the unborn) and blasphemous (supporting abortion rights) can never save us from the certainty that haunts us.

Death-guilt will not go away without somebody dying.

No political parties, decisions, or votes can save us. No groundswells of support, or grass-root action can rid us of this rottenness. Only Jesus, because of the death He died, has the power to save us from our own certain death. The gospel really is as simple and wonderful as this. No sin has any power over the Christ’s shed blood. The blood that makes the foulest clean. Idolatry, fornication, adultery, self-righteousness, hypocrisy, conceit, anger, theft, and yes, even abortion are all forgivable sins. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted; to comfort the afflicted; to give strength to the weary.

He came to make all things new.

When Jesus invaded our world, our domain of darkness, over 2000 years ago, He did not come as a political savior, or a warlord with a legion at his back, but as a tiny zygote, within the womb of a poor, young, unwed girl. He developed little hands and little feet that would one day be brutally nailed to a cross for the sins of His people. At one time His skull, which would bear cruel thorns at Calvary, was still soft and undeveloped; His side, which would be pierced, was translucent and fragile. Yet during all of this time in utero He was fully man and fully God. He intentionally took on the helpless form of a baby because He was one of us. He became one of us and walked with us. He rejoiced with us and He wept with us. He knew injustice better than anyone. His friends deserted Him. He was beaten, spat upon, tortured, flogged, and mocked. He was crucified illegally. He died an accursed death separated from His Father and was buried in a borrowed tomb. His enemies thought they had won, His disciples thought they had lost, and yet dying was the very reason He came.

Conquering hearts and throwing down the evil one, He rose from the dead and is now sitting at the right hand of God reigning. He has been given power and authority over everything; things in Heaven and on Earth, and He will one day come to judge the living and the dead.

The Holy Spirit is the only one who can turn a hard heart of stone into a soft heart of flesh. This is why our arguments, as sound as they are, can never change a heart standing apart from the gospel. Heart change is the work of the Holy Spirit. As Ezekiel 36:26 says, “I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.”

As Josh Howerton so perfectly put it, “Abortion is the evil reverse-image of the gospel. Instead of “I’ll die for you“, it says, “You die for me.

Abortion says, “Your body broken for me. You die, little one, so I can live my life.” Jesus says, “My body, broken for you. Take, eat, remember, and believe, that I died so that you might live.”