Nnow that the surgery is over, the fear of the unknown is gone. We see our boy for who he really is; a broken body needing the healing power of God’s beautifully designed repair systems. He really is in the best place to do this healing as the Children’s PICU is second to none. Thankfully though we were quickly moved from the PICU to the surgical floor as William was progressing well enough that he no longer needed the extra care and attention the PICU provides.

However during our pre-op visit on Tuesday William picked up RSV which decided to make its cheerful appearance directly after he got out of surgery last night. (remember the cough we noticed prior to surgery? That was RSV in it initial stage.) So in addition to recovering from his major cranial surgery, William now gets to overcome a fluid buildup in his chest from this nasty virus. On the plus side we got our own room because who really wants to be around that.  The swelling around his eyes has thankfully not been as pronounced as expected but is steadily increasing. We have been praying that he won’t temporarily lose his vision from the swelling. Also we pray for his eating and drinking. He has always been a bit stubborn when it comes to eating and drinking anything that wasn’t first his own idea and post-op is no exception. He hasn’t really eaten much or had much to drink since Wednesday night and we would love to see that change. All in all we count ourselves unbelievably blessed to be here.