Welcome to another episode of Reformation Roundtable. We are group of men exploring the idea of planting a reformed Church in the Lewis County area. What do I mean by reformed? Check out Episode 2 of the Reformation Roundtable for an in depth look regarding what distinctives characterize a Reformed Church. In this discussion we cover the doctrine of Unconditional Election. If you would like to dig into this doctrine sans the discussion, I did a podcast on Unconditional Election back in September of 2018 you can check out too if you like!

We want to see a reformed Church planted in the Lewis County WA community. We are specifically looking to plant in the Centralia / Chehalis area and would love you to join us in this work if you share a unity and passion for this theology. Fire me a message in the comment section or email me at joecstout AT gmail DOT com and I’d love to get you on board with our early “site prep” for this church.

Enjoy the discussion!