Welcome back to another discussion at the Reformation Roundtable. We are a group of men who are committed to exploring the idea of planting a reformed church in the Lewis County area. We would love to see a distinctly and unapologetically biblically based reformed church in the Centralia / Chehalis WA area. The Reformation Roundtable is the place where we gather to discuss the wide diversity of ideas within reformed theology. For our latest discussion we centered on the passage in Romans 13 where Paul tells Christians how they should view and act around their governing authorities. It also paints a clear picture of how governments are supposed to be the ministers, or servants, of Christ. Because Christ is King, every knee should and will bow (including the knees of those ungodly rulers we currently have) to Christ is humble service to His commandments. This is the “blending” of visions for Romans 13; Christians wisely submitting to their governing rulers while those governing rulers wisely seek to reward the righteous and punish the evil doer.

We discussed a couple of books early on this discussion. One was from Greg Bahnsen titled Theonomy and Christian Ethics.

the other book was written by Philip Hamburger (yes that really is his name) and is called Is Administrative Law Unlawful?

I hope you enjoy the discussion and encourage you to contact me about joining our quest to build a robustly reformed Church right here in our own community.